Festive Lighting Fund

The Festive Lighting Fund has been introduced by Aberdeen City Council to allow community groups and organisations from Aberdeen to decorate their local community, as a way of celebrating the festive season. 

The fund can provide a small financial grant to help with the cost of decorating communities for the festive season, including lights, trees, decorations, and other festive related fixtures, for their communities especially for the benefit of children and the elderly. 

The funding available for any group or organisation is up to a maximum of £3000. The fund has limited resources and grants will be allocated on a proportional basis to all eligible applications. Due to demand, it is possible that groups will receive awards less than the amount applied for. When making an application groups should consider how any shortfall might be met to allow the proposal to go ahead.  

Applications are open from Monday 2 November until Friday 13 November at noon. Further guidance and the application form can be found here. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the City Events team at cityevents@aberdeencity.gov.uk 


Proposed Mural Project - Bedford Road pedestrian bridge and Canal Road bridge
We need your inputs!
The Froghall, Powis and Sunnybank Community Council are keen to seek the community's opinion on the painting of murals on the inside walls of the Bedford Road pedestrian and Canal Road bridges. 


At the moment, as you know, the walls are all painted a dull blank grey and even more depressing - as vacant spaces - they regularly attract graffiti tags randomly added to their surfaces. Instead we would like to see bright and colourful murals take their place, marking  colourful and uplifting gateway entrances for Proghall, Powis and Sunnybank. There is of course always a risk that they might in turn become vandalised but much less so than leaving them as greyboards  as now and less so if we can give you, the community,  an "ownership". 


Our first thoughts are that they would capture the rich history and many activities of our locality and  the people who live(d) here: images of the original canal that flowed underneath both bridges, what was then the main line down to Waterloo Quay, the Jute mills, granite works and cobbled streets found in Froghall, the apple orchards and farms once located around Powis and Sunnybank, historic Firhill Well and Powis House, Kittybrewster rail marshalling yards, the Victorian house building boom, schools, the Powis and Froghall public housing schemes and Kittybrewster retail park. And as for us inhabitants, why not  have images of who we are and our ethnic diversity! However, We would like your opinion on the initial idea and - if you're in favour - your ideas for what you feel should be shown.
Please get in touch by emailing secretary@fpscc.org.uk or in writing to:  
The Secretary,
Froghall, Powis & Sunnybank Community Council
c/o Powis Community Centre, 
11 Powis Circle,
AB24 3YX



 Firework buying advice for residents

Advice was today issued from Aberdeen City Council Trading Standards for people buying fireworks for private displays in their gardens or grounds on Guy Fawkes Night.

Fireworks cannot be sold to under 18s and residents are asked to only buy the fireworks from an established licensed business - and they should also always follow The Firework Code.

Information on The Firework Code can be found on the Scottish Fire and Rescue website at https://www.firescotland.gov.uk/your-safety/fireworks-safety.aspx.

There are two categories of fireworks which can be used in gardens – category F2 and category F3 - and the category will be clearly marked on the outside of the box.

With CAT F2 fireworks, everyone in the party must be at least eight metres away for safety. With CAT F3 fireworks, the distance rises to 25 metres. For people who do not have a garden at least 25 metres long, they should stick to CAT F2 fireworks.

All fireworks must be CE marked, EN15947 compliant and correctly labelled with details of the manufacturer and importer, age restriction, category etc.

Aberdeen City Council trading standards manager Graeme Paton said: “We’d urge people to follow SFRS advice that anyone who does wish to host a private event reduces any risks by ensuring to familiarise themselves with The Firework Code and fire safety guidance.



Residents urged to band together and get a free one-tonne community salt bag – before 15 November


Residents across Aberdeen are reminded to apply for a free one-tonne community salt bag to treat icy roads and pavements in their neighbourhood during the winter months.

The colder weather since last week has reminded people that winter is fast coming and the deadline for applying for the one-tonne community salt bags is 15 November.

The scheme is designed to help communities help themselves when winter starts and in addition, there will again be big community salt bins in strategic locations around the city.




Redundancy to Recovery

Business Gateway Aberdeen has launched a new specialist service aimed specifically at individuals who are facing redundancy and who may be looking to start their own business. The service includes a personalised redundancy pack, one to one adviser support and four webinars. Each one-hour webinar follows the Double Diamond approach to help individuals tackle challenges in a four-phase process: 1. Discover 2. Define 3. Develop 4. Deliver Discover: Part one will focus on an idea generation workshop, with attendees looking at dierent ways to fall upon business ideas. Define: Part two will help each attendee understand the importance of market research when exploring the viability of an idea and will cover the key elements of the business model canvas for business success. Develop: Part three will focus on the start-up requirements, with each attendee gaining a plethora of information for turning an idea into a business, including legal requirements and tax. Deliver: Part four will focus on the funding and finance elements, from a personal survival budget, fixed and variable costs you will need to consider, to developing a cash flow forecast.

For further information, please visit bgateway.com/aberdeen or phone 01224 289725